How To Pick Eyewear Frames

>An important consideration while choosing eyeglasses is the eyeglass frame. It is essential that the eyewear frame that you pick is appropriate for your looks and complements them. To select the best eyewear frames, most people go to opticians and stores selling eyeglass frames, and spend a great length of time in trying on almost each and every type of eyewear frame to determine which suits them best.

Wouldn’t you much rather have a simpler and better way to pick an eyeglass frame? Well, here’s a simple guide, which will tell you what kind of eyeglass frame is suitable for different people according to the shape of their face and coloring of their skin, hair, and eyes.

Eyewear Frames For Different Face Shapes

Everyone does not have the same face shape. Some people have a round face, whereas some may have an oval shaped face, and yet others may have other types of face shapes. Different kinds of face shapes need different eyewear frames to suit them:

  1. Oval shaped face: People who have an oval shaped face have a naturally proportioned face. To enhance and complement an oval face, eyeglass frames that are wider (or as wide) as the broadest part of the oval face, should be considered. Eyeglass frames with a walnut shape are also suitable for oval shaped faces.
  2. Square shaped: Those who have such a face shape should look for eyeglass frames, which are wider than they are deep. Narrow eyeglass frames such as narrow ovals are a great selection.
  3. Round face: People, who have a round face, should look for eyewear frames, which are contrasting to their face shape. Rectangular eyeglass frames, and eyewear frames that have angular and narrow frames are a good choice for a round face.
  4. Diamond face: A diamond faced shape is quite a rarity. Those who have such a face shape should choose eyewear frames that have clear cut and prominent brow lines. An eyewear frame with no rims is a good option, and so are eyewear frames that are cat eye shaped.
  5. Oblong shaped face: If you have a longer face than it is wider, then you have what is considered an oblong face. For such a face type, you should look for a frame that is contrasting at the temples so that it can make your face look more balanced.

Two things to keep in mind when choosing an eyeglass frame

  1. The shape of the frame that you choose should be in contrast with your face shape. For instance, do not choose a round eyeglass frame if you have a round face.
  2. The size of the eyewear frame should be in accordance with your face size. Neither too big, nor too small.

Eyewear Frames For Different Skin Colorings

In addition to your face shape, your coloring also determines your choice of eyewear frames. Most people are either warm colored (yellowish skin tone) or cool colored (bluish skin tone).

People who have warm coloring should go for eyewear frames that are in the colors of gold, camel, orange, copper, khaki, peach, cream, coral, and off-white.

Those with cool coloring, have the choice of plum, black, pink, blue, gray, and magenta for eyeglass frames.