Save Money With An Eyeglass Repair Kit

Eye glasses can be a considerable investment as most eyeglasses have to be custom made to your specific requirements. Eyeglass frames and lenses do not come cheap, and add to that the cost of making eyeglasses, and you can be shelling out a substantial amount for a pair of glasses.

So, if your eyeglasses happen to break, then you may be in for more expenses. If the lens of your eyeglasses breaks or if the frame itself is broken or bent out of shape, then you may have to get your glasses repaired by an optician. However,  it could need just some minor repairs, which you can do yourself.

An eye glass repair kit, which is available at most pharmacies or general stores, can help you to repair minor problems in your eyeglass frame. You need not take your eyeglasses to the shop to be repaired, and can save some money in the bargain.

Simple Eyeglass Repairs

Here are some simple repairs that you can do on your eyeglass frame by using an eye glass repair kit:

  1. Check to see if the hinge in your frame has loosened or stretched out. If it has, then you can fix it by bending it back into shape with the help of a pair of pliers. Ensure that the tips of the pliers are covered with tape so that they do not scratch the frame or the lens. You can even use a small rubber ring, which is included in most eyeglass repair kits, to hold the loose hinge in place.
  2. Another problem with your eye glasses may be the metal hinge breaking off from the frame. If such is the case, then you can repair your eyeglasses with a little fast-holding glue. Put a tiny amount of glue on both parts of the broken hinge (after clearing away any remnants of old glue), and then stick the hinge back in place.
  3. Loose screws or lost screws can also cause your eye glass frame to break. Loose screws can simply be tightened into place with a screwdriver from your eye glass repair kit. For lost screws, use a replacement screw from your eye glass repair kit. If the replacement screw does not fit, or if you do not have one, then you can use a tiny safety pin. Push the pin into the hole for the screw and shut it. This should work as well as any screw.
  4. Fast holding glue can also be used in eyeglass frame repair if you have an earpiece that does not stay in place or one that has completely come off the frame. Use the glue to simply stick and fasten the earpiece back into its place.

Thus, by using an eye wear repair kit, and some do-it-yourself tips as above, you can save yourself a trip to the repair shop, not to mention some money as well.