Let Your Eyeglasses Reflect Your Personality

Many people need to wear eyewear because of some defect in their vision. Very often, people see eyeglasses as something that will make them look nerdy or look like a geek, especially if they are just starting to wear eye glasses. However, this need not be true. The right eyewear can not only transform your looks entirely, but can also make you look much more sophisticated, not to mention sexy!

Eye glasses are worn on your face and thus are very visible to people around you. Do not select your eye wear like you would choose shoes or hidden garments of clothing, which are not noticeable to people. Since your eyeglasses are the first thing that others may notice on you, it is essential to buy the right pair of eye glasses. Here’s a guide to choosing eyewear.

How to Choose Eye Glasses

  1. Choose eyeglasses suitable for your looks: While selecting eyeglasses, remember that no one pair can be perfect for anyone. If a certain pair of eye glasses looks good on someone, it is not to say that the same will look good on your face. You need to pick eye wear according to the shape of your face and what enhances your individual looks. Typically, if you have a broad face, then small eyeglasses may not be right for you. On the other hand, if you have delicate features, then choosing a bold and big pair of eye glasses may not be the way to go for you.
  2. Branded eyewear: Choosing a branded pair of eye glasses may not always be the right choice. People tend to feel that you just cannot go wrong if you buy eyewear from one of the major brands. But just because eyewear is of a popular and leading brand does not indicate that it would be perfect for you. Once again, you need to ensure that the particular pair of branded eyeglasses is appropriate for your looks. If a certain brand of eyewear does not have eyeglasses that enhance your looks, then it may be time to look at other brands or even non-branded eyeglasses.
  3. Consider your skin and hair color: While choosing eye glasses, you have to take into account the color of your skin as also your hair. Do not choose eyeglasses with frames that do not complement your skin and hair coloring. As a general rule, soft, subtle, and low key colors of eyewear are appropriate for people who have warm skin coloring (meaning a yellowish tinge to your skin coloring). If you have a bluish tinge to your skin, then you are considered to have cool skin coloring. For cool skin tones, bolder, darker, and more defined colors are suitable while choosing eyewear.
  4. Know Your Personality: Your choice of eye wear will also depend on what type of person you are and where it is that you most spend your time. If you are a conventional businessperson or work in a conservative workplace, then the ideal pair of eye glasses for you would be in the traditional oval, almond, or rectangular shapes. Colors such as black, brown, silver, golden, grey, and dark burgundy; may be the best way to go as far as eyewear is concerned. Bold colors and unusual shapes may not be the most appropriate.

If you have a modern outlook and are the contemporary and creative types, then unusual and different shapes of eye glasses should be your thing. Staid and regular colors will not suit you and your lifestyle. Instead, blue, green, and even red may be the way to go. In addition to bolder colors of eyewear frames, having tinted lenses in your eye glasses may also be perfect for you.

For older people, choose eye glasses that are in upswept rectangular shapes or cat eye shapes, as these can make you look much younger. Some colors such as burgundy, dark browns, shinier and brighter colors, can also make you look much younger.

While selecting eyeglasses, it is important that you have your eye exam prescription with you.